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Training – Squat

Tuesday 31 December 2013

Low Bar Squat (kg)

3 x 195
3 x 205
3 x 215

Leg Press

5 sets 15 reps with 120kg

Leg Curls

 5 sets 15 reps

Leg Extension

4 sets 12 reps 



Abs Machine

4 sets 12 reps

Last workout of the year. Squats were good even though i’ve lost a bit of weight (mainly fat). Motivation was somewhat down but I still did what I was supposed to do. The last couple of days have been kinda strange because a car that crossed a red light hit my mother and she broke her shoulder and had surgery… I wish you all a happy new year, with health and happiness above all. Over and out.

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One comment

  1. Strong squats!

    Wish you a happy new year, may all your squat dreams come true.
    Wish your mom a full recovery aswell. What a dick, driving on red light. Hope he got caught!