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I decided to create this blog a long time ago to keep a training log online and have a little web corner where I can discuss and mention interesting stuff that will usually be related to powerlifting/bodybuilding/powerbuilding.


My story:

It all started during middle school. I was very slim, had gained height abruptly and faced some health issues that made me feel very self conscious because they affected my physical appearance as well. I was also very weak and was ashamed of my shot put throw which was among the weakest in class. So come summer time I joined the local gym and did what the trainer told me. Next year I had a surgery to correct my problem and searched the internet for a solid training program because I thought to myself that maybe I’m not doing everything right. Luckily enough a guy at a forum pointed me in the right direction so I started using compound movements, ate better and put on some weight. From that point onwards I was hooked! At the end of high school I weighed around 85-90kg and looked like I lifted somewhat.

Unfortunately when things had started looking really good with my strength and appearance I had a serious motorcycle accident that nearly cost me my life because of a reckless driver – hit and run. I suffered serious internal bleeding (liver), had 8 fractures 2 of which were operated 1 week after the initial operation at the emergency room.

I stayed 1 month at the hospital, spent 1 month at home in a wheelchair and 1 month with crutches, lost 30kgs of weight and walked again after 3 months.
The first day I walked again I went to the gym, had to get back on track as soon as possible. I was a shade of my former self but I said to myself everytime I looked myself in the mirror: “toughen up, its only a matter of time”.

Time passed, I had more surgeries – 5 in total as of 2013 – the orthopedist told me never to squat again, avoid the stairs and use the elevator because of the screws in my right knee (joint fracture) but luckily here i am, squatting when I can – sometimes I get major pain but I work around it.

Its become a life style for me so… welcome to Berserk Barbell.