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3×3 – Squat: High Volume & Competition

3 x 3 – Squat: High Volume & Competition By Stephan Korte I have already mentioned in part 1 of this series, the best way to train all the muscles you need for a big squat is to squat. It is an effective exercise for working the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors and, of course, the lower back. It also works …

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3×3 – Basic Information

3 x 3 – Basic Information By Stephan Korte The training program presented here has been used by some of the strongest German powerlifters including IPF Junior World Champions Ralf Gierz and Michael Bruegger. Gierz totaled close to 2200 lbs. at superheavyweight and Bruegger was the first German powerlifter to break the 2200 lb. barrier at a bodyweight of 26O …

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The Texas Method

  The Texas Method (TM) is a strength training program renowned for its ability to provide intermediate to advanced lifters (those with 18-24+ months of continuous training according to legendary strength training coach Mark Rippetoe) with increased variety and physical adaptation. The Texas Method balances the stress of increased weight and varied volume with adequate recovery time so that intermediate …

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