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Training – Bench Press

Wednesday 20 November 2013

Bench Press (kg)

12 x bar
8 x 40
8 x 60
5 x 80
3 x 100
6 sets of 6 x 115 (paused)

Close Grip Bench Press (kg)

2 sets of 9 x 110

Incline Bench Press

2 sets of 9 x 90

Barbell Curls
Triceps Pushdown
Cable Crossover


Lately I’ve been going to the gym earlier but damn, there are so many people. I have to wait for almost everything, the bench press, 20kg plates etc. That’s why going early sucks. The only positive is that I sleep at a normal time instead of 6am or something… Meh. Lots of heat as well, it’s like a torture chamber. Anyway.
Bench was easy, I wanted to try some singles as well but I couldn’t find any 20kg plates so I left it for another time.

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