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Training – Bench Press

Monday 15 December 2014

Bench Press (kg)

5 x 100
3 sets of 5 with 120
5 x 100
2 sets of 5 with 80kg

 Incline DB Press


Lat Pulldown


DB Flyes

3 sets of 10 

Triceps Pushdown


Barbell Curl


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  1. Whats up man?
    Nice training as always. How’s life treating you? What are you goals atm?
    CRZA, sherdog

  2. Im good man. Life was really hectic for a while, with work and school. So training took a hit, lost some weight and lost some strength. Im finished school now and got my bachelor degree last week. Got an awesome girlfriend, and life is fantastic now. So im back fully focused in the gym. Joined a PL gym and will compete in 2015.

    • congratulations on your degree and the gf!!! awesome news!!! im very happy for you!!! so time to get stronger now right? haha. I’m sure you will kick ass! Keep it up my friend!