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Smolov Jr.

Smolov Jr. is a three week program based on the Russian Squat routine known as Smolov. The original program has a duration of 13 weeks and is really taxing while the junior version is easier. The Smolov Jr. routine can be used for either the squat, the deadlift or the bench. It all depends on the trainee’s goals. The majority of users report that they add ~10kg (20 pounds) to their squat or deadlift, and ~6.5kg (15 pounds) to their bench press. How much weight someone adds has to do with their level, their size etc. An advanced smaller lifter will add less weight than a bigger less advanced lifter. The routine is as follows:

Week 1

Day Sets Reps Weight
Monday 6 6 70%
Wednesday 7 5 75%
Friday 8 4 80%
Saturday 10 3 85%

Week 2

Day Sets Reps Weight
Monday 6 6 70%+5-10kg (10-20 lbs)
Wednesday 7 5 75%+5-10kg (10-20 lbs)
Friday 8 4 80%+5-10kg (10-20 lbs)
Saturday 10 3 85%+5-10kg (10-20 lbs)

Week 3

Day Sets Reps Weight
Monday 6 6 70%+7.5-12.5kg (15-25 lbs)
Wednesday 7 5 75%+7.5-12.5kg (15-25 lbs)
Friday 8 4 80%+7.5-12.5kg (15-25 lbs)
Saturday 10 3 85%+7.5-12.5kg (15-25 lbs)

You can use the Smolov Jr. Calculator to have the program exactly mapped out for you. Plug in a max that you can hit a random training day otherwise its gonna be very difficult to complete the program successfully. Get lots of food and rest! Keep the accessory exercises to a minimum so they don’t hamper recovery.

Personally I’ve used the program twice with very good results (10-15kg increase in my bench press 1RM). However there is a pendulum effect afterwards when you decrease the frequency of the exercise. In my opinion the benefits outweigh the negatives as you get to work on your form, find small details that help you move more weight etc. You just have to watch out for injuries (and that’s why I emphasize on the everyday max, proper nutrition and rest).

My double Smolov Jr. review

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