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Tom Martin injured at WPC Europeans

Unfortunately during WPC Europeans Tom Martin (famous for his raw deadlift power: Tom Martin Inspirational Thursday) tore his bicep at his second deadlift attempt.



He wrote on Facebook:

“Well here are the 5 lifts I was successful with at the WPC Europeans.

340kg squat
360kg squat (comp PB)

200kg bench
210kg bench (comp PB)

380kg deadlift (WPC WR)

So, it really looked like I was having a strong day, having secured a 950kg total with only my opening deadlift. It was a good fast 380kg too and left me very confident in my plan to take 411kg for an all time world record and a 981kg total. Sadly my bicep tendon didn’t want to stay attached to my radius so that attempt didn’t go all that well and now I’ll be having a bit of surgery…”

Have a speedy recovery Tom!

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